hmm i hope i can get some serious answers to my question but here it goes. i want to be a guitar/music teacher because i love playing the guitar and music but i have a problem with remembering scale names and learning chords. its like i can learn the chords and scales but never the names and when i look at music i'll remember the note names for a while but then all of a sudden a couple of days later i forget them. will this be a problem for long or will it get better through out time?any advice on how to remember all these things. i forgot to mention that musical keys also give me a hard time.all i can remember is the Key of C which ahs no sharps or flats, Key of Bb which has a Eb nd a Bb and the key of Fb which has a Bb. i no i over wrote but please HELP!!!
Just stare at a piece of paper with all the information on it for a couple of hours until it is burned into your retinas. Seriously, that could work if you could just picture the page.
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