Hey hey,
I like the subtle harmonies. Barely there. I really like that. Cool guitar hook. Nice melody.
Nice tempo change, and layered vocals. Guitar gets a little weird though at that point. Purposeful dissonance perhaps? or maybe just a finger slip off a fret or two haha. MInor though. I like it.
btw..im heading to Western Carolina next year =D sing out your window. I may hear it.
The vocals sound kind of weird, they sound more like a voice fitting to a emo rock band. I like the guitar riffs alot though. I wish you would sing wiht more emotion or louder, its like your whispering. I could see that riff being played on the piano and it be really cool. The part after 130 is really cool, reminds me of Jacks mannequin. pretty cool.

i believe you crited me those twenty years ago
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