okay, this is my band. we just started up about a month ago, and we have our first demo up. no vocals recorded yet, because our screamer hasn't screamed for a while and his scream got shit for a little. vocals should be recorded within this week or next week, and new demo may be posted at those same times.

it sounds kinda shitty, but what do you expect with Audacity? we'll be going to a studio (Bebop Studio) to record once we have at least 3 songs completely written.

Please give criticism, and if you like us, add us!
Hey guys. Overall it wasn't bad. Obviously it'll sound better with studio recording, and some vocals. I didn't really have a problem with the music itself. All I would say is invest in a better guitar sound or just add more low end and less treble. Low mids are the key to getting a good crunch and cutting through the mix. The potential is there though. Good luck!

Feel free to critique my band if you'd like.