so id like to get one, but i dont want to play upstairs where the computer is for online. i also really dont want to spend 100 dollars on a wireless thing that connects to the xbox. can i connect the Ethernet wire to my laptop and play xbox live that way?laptop seems to have a port on the side that looks similar to the ethernet cable
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this is kind of a last effort thing but for my comp i ran a 50ft ethernet cable through my walls from my living room to the basement up to my room. dunno how ur house is but you could check it out.
If you absolutely have to buy the wireless adapter, make sure it's the microsoft one
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Actually, if you have wireless in your laptop, you can. I did it for about a year until my wife got sick of the cable running between my laptop and the console. I was running XP at the time. Maybe Polly knows more about it for Vista. But for XP it does work for sure.

You just need to set it up as a computer in your network. It's a hassle, but it was worth it for me. I think if you go to the Xbox360 website they have some good "how-to" articles. That is how I did it, anyway.

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