im going to buy one of these guitars, but i dont know which one.. can you help me please? im looking for best quality sound, durability, versatility... best pickups, best features etc. the best guitar haha thanks

B.C. Rich Metal Master Warlock



what kind of music do u play and through what kind of amp?
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they're both good but by personal preference i would go with B.C rich but its what ever floats Your boat so try and find a guitar store with both in the store and test em out.
sace up another hundred or so, and wait till after xmas, u get crazy deals then
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Quote by AcousticSlayer
ESP, considering the B.C. Rich looks cheaper then a Wal-Mart guitar.

does wal mart have guitars ??????
if it did the b. c. rich would be in it
Although its kind of cool looking dont buy it
this b.c. rich has
Ahathis body(very $h!tty wood)
and mid range humbuckers

go esp all the way
better wood
better pickups
better look
doesnt suck @$$