we need a singer for our online band, if you sing and are interested please post, you must be able to record decently
alright, is there anyway i can hear you singing? like a recording or something (ik that sounded really gay lol)
sure message me your e-mail and i can send you a sample
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if he doesnt work i could try too might not necessarily be your style but if u want u can check some of my songs at myspace.com/robbeaudoin some r the songs are pretty crappy and they were done a while ago but w/e
Do you have any music tracks recorded yet? I sing... I do everything from 80's rock to 90's grunge... I can do Bush, Silverchair, Nirvana stuff well... Also Nickelback, Hinder, etc. Can also do old school stuff like Poison, Motley Crue, Ugly Kid Joe... Email me some tracks at djfrank70@comcast.net
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