I'm really starting to get into scales, and I wanted to know something. To the good people of UG: how do you all know that you know a specific scale, position etc? Like for instance do you just think that you know it? Or do you actually do perhaps an exercise to prove this to yourself? Sorry if my question is really vague, its a tad hard to describe. Anyway, any answers would be appreciated. Thanks
I memorize the notes, then I know it. Whether I know how to use it well is another story. That's a constantly evolving process.
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The root note, is the first note of the scale, and therefore the beggining of the scale. I suck at and don't use scales, but I am almost 100% sure that is how they know.
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I know a scale when I know the notes and intervals it's comprised of, how it sounds, how parts of it sound and when I have an idea of when I can use it.

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