Poll: which of these would you recommend for me?
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View poll results: which of these would you recommend for me?
Fender Standard Telecaster
10 19%
Epiphone Les Paul Standard
5 9%
Gibson Les Paul Special faded
13 24%
Schecter C1+
26 48%
Voters: 54.
Hey guys, im curious to know which one of these are better?
I'm not playing the name game or just playing for looks

these are the guitars i really am interested in

like which ones have better quality and control and could last a tour

i play mostly hardcore/metalcore, screamo, rock and poppy stuff

thanks in advance =]
imo schecter makes some of the best guitars for straight up heavy music. a friend of mine in a local band around here has a c1 hellraiser, which is my favorite schecter series, i plan on getting one after i get a car, so if you can swing the money for a hellraiser get one of them
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fender mexican fat strat (discontinued)
mesa triple recto
digitech grunge
digitech death metal
i like schecters ive owned and played a bunch

come to think of it
ive owned and sold ALOT of guitars hahaha
its ironic that i dont have one right now

ive owned:

epiphone g310
epiphone g400
epiphone les paul 100
gibson sg faded
gibson l6s
schecter tempest
damn ive only had 3, my bc rich warlock i got for 20 bucks, my johnson fat strat copy which was my first, and the fender in my sig, even the fender seems to pump out a mean heavy tone, but i give my mesa most of the credit for that, although its in need of tubes
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im not a racist because racism is a crime, and crime is for black people

fender mexican fat strat (discontinued)
mesa triple recto
digitech grunge
digitech death metal
thats sweet haha
i love my 5150 to death
i bought it used for 600
its the only thing ive had for a long time hahahaha

i bought my marshall 1960 for 200 bucks!
the price on the tag was misprinted so they gave it to me for that price
its in near mint condition except the back tolex is ripped and the grille has a small tear
but it was on sale for $599 so i got it for 1/3 the price haha
Schecter seems like the way to go imo
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In terms of quality, they're all on the same level except the Gibson. Don't get me wrong, most Gibsons are great, but stay away from the Specials.
not much a contest for your music style like everyone above has stated. get a schecter!
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yea for anything on what music i play
check out bands like from autumn to ashes, senses fail, matchbook romance, before their eyes, norma jean blah blah blah so on and so forth
its between the tele and the schecter and the epi
For your style of music, definately the Schecter. The other guitars are good too though.
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I'm with DeltaFunk
Ok so its basically between the tele, c1 and les paul special faded

I like the look of the epi lp standard
Its affordable and sounds great
I'm not so sure I want the c1+ because I've owned schecters and had bad experience with them

Please keep voting =]
Thanks for the help guys
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BUT a tele running through a peavey 5150 is pwnage

I won't disagree, but I think the Schecter would compliment it a lot more and suit your genre. Anyway, good luck whatever you choose.
yea i really like both...im gonna get both but im gonna start out with the telecaster

I owned a schecter tempest and i scratched the crap out of it (very cheap paint job)
and the pickups cut out alot even after i fixed it and the input jack wires were torn to shreds
I bought it new too, which was quite disappointing, so as you can see ive had a bad experience with it haha