This is pretty cool. I noticed a little Jeff Beck in there, I dunno whether intentional or not but it sounds nice. Good music overall but its just a little repetitive. I'm thinking this could be a little self-indulgent - wanting to do a lot with the song playing-wise but forgetting to make it a memorable SONG. Not trying to bust your balls, I do it ALL the time. Just keep that in mind, you might be doing it even if you think you aren't

Not a fan of the actual recording though. The cleaner leads sound great, the rhythm doesn't so much, the drums sound boxy, and the distorted guitar sound sometimes smooth/ sometimes digital. It sounds too lo-fi. Its not polished enough to be "vintage" sounding so it comes off more scratchy and muddy.

Actually - it sounds like there's a blanket over my speaker, try EQing the upper frequencies.
Good Luck!