For school, I need to analyse a song and do a project about it, write an essay ect, so can I get some songs that have a very simple message? For example, last year I did 'Castles made of sand' by Jimi Hendrix, and said that not everything could last forever, like castles they wash away blabla bla.... preferably metal or classic rock, any suggestions?
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do "like a cat" by The Number 12 Looks Like You
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Junkhead- Alice In Chains.

Could the message get any more simple?

It's about drugs.
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Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated) by The Offspring
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"2nd Grade Cells" by The Broadways.

You'll get maaajor brownie points for this.

tears are not enough to change a system,
do we want an equal race for education,
shop, buy, comsume, this is what we teach our children to look up to,
economic security doesnt seem to be the meaning of education to me,
we need to teach about diversity, compassion and love,
about the effects of technology,
to be aware that we destroy while we consume,
to question all authority,
no money for public education
but ample funds to keep people in prison,
jails can now be run by major corporations,
prisons offer more and cheaper labor,
found courage in the center of a bomb, green back dollars,
we can blow up anything we want,
since when is national defense more important than teaching children,
im afraid its always been, state of the union,
catch phrase builds public opinion in the closed eyes of a nation,
work around the problem, sweep it under carpets,
lock it up in prisons til its forgotten,
were approaching the millenium,
education is more important than bombs,
more police on the streets isnt solving problems,
who are we going to turn to
to teach our children to question this machine, education,
the dead american dream,
in indiana the number of cells built is determined by
the socio-economic status of a class of second graders,
the cells all must be filled,
with every prison that we build we lose four or five more schools,
tears are not enough
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they make horrible noises in the middle of the night (is it sex?)

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10,000 days by tool.

its a long song, but so easy to understand is a great song.
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Junkhead (my suggestion) is alt-metal. Is that close enough?
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I had to do this a couple of months ago for my science teacher. I did Angel Of Death by Slayer. About Josef Mengele. Just look up the lyrics and try to analyze stuff about the Holocaust.

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inb4 i cum blood.

Do anything off of Arsis' United in Regret album. Specifically The Cold Resistance.

Cobwebs reaching from the heavens to the lover's plague
A soul strung out on shadows and the killing words brings the fervor to a halt
Far beyond the solace of hatred that tarnished and banished all thoughts of you
A storm of ill-wishes brought the cold resistance, you were nice to know

Three words beaten into emptiness, never spoken the same
The size of my hatred can never equal your indifference
Now the fervor's at a halt when your past is a dirty *****, a fervor even wrought in steel cannot replace this monument

It's about the narrator losing his relationship and how her absolute apathy to him hurts more than anything else. Great album.
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Junkhead- Alice In Chains.

Could the message get any more simple?

It's about drugs.

its is
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Come Out And Play (Keep 'Em Separated) by The Offspring

+1 The song is awesome and the meaning, great. "Kids strappin' on the way to the classroom/getting weapons with the greatest of ease."

Also "Working Class Hero" by "John Lennon" would be good.
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bloodhound gang. some interesting metaphors there.
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The Three Aces
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Cypress Hill - I Want To Get High... I'l even save you working out what it means, he pretty much wants to get high, so high
I've Made You A Drawing of a Giraffe Fucking an Elephant. Notice How His Moustache Looks Just Like Mine.

Your Mother's Got a Penis
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

...i'd love to see someone try to make sense of it :-P
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fool in the rain its about a guy whos gonna meet a girl but hes standing on the wrong corner

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Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

It's about society being evil and whatnot.
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baba o riley its about teenagers wastland in other words teenagers wasting their lives not getting wasted

8/7/09 man, the pear broke loose.

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Rule #2 - The Boss is always right
Rule #3 - When the boss is wrong see rule #2
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Stabwound by necrophagist is like about betrayal and such pretty good song
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Aenima - Tool or pretty much any Tool song for that matter. maybe Jeremiad by Byzantine?

3. Jeremiad

I rise above the human follies in my life
You’ll see the shadow of the goat is my guide
Disguise the limit for my pain
I can’t let anyone inside you
Crawl inside limousine of twelve feet
It’s lamentation day for me

All access to my love denied
I am the king of sorrow
My darkened world has burned your eyes
You stared too long into my skies

[Solo: OJ]

Put these thoughts inside to rest
Decorate with Sunday’s best
Tears of pain they splash my hide
No resting place inside
Coronation of my soul
My friends I have so betrayed you
Now it is done final epicedium
It’s lamentation day for me

Your all invited to my wake
Hope you enjoy the sorrow
Just let the tears pool in your eyes
So you can stare into my sky
My hell is not my own

[Solo: Tony]

My flames burn higher and higher
In tune with the choir
Eulogy of fire
I am a pyre reborn

Thank you for coming to my show
Hope you enjoyed the sorrow
And if your world does not seem bright
Just stare into my darkened sky
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A7x - Beast and the Harlot could be a good one.

Could be, and it's a story from the Bible, so if he wanted to he could flick through it to find more detail.
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