I've been doodling for about 10 years and have gotten NOWHERE really. Been taking lessons for a month now and can see taking them forever. I've browsed all the book sections in Barnes&Nobles but can't find a decent book to learn from. I'm not looking for a book made for a second grader (I'm 36 in two months) but rather something I can dive into and actually read and learn something about music. I'm not looking for 1000 pages of tab or odd chords but I do need to really learn this instrument. It's been a lifelong dream and it's time to dive in!


try this website out for starters, id advice save ur money on books and just use google as an indepth search engine, find scales read up on them u read the word interval u type that in google and start the train. trust me there is so much to no from the net
Music theory by Tom Kolb is excellent.
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The Idiot's guide to Music Theory.

Has theory all over, with some scales and chord patterns for guitar on appendix.
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Learn standard notation and pick up a few textbooks like Piston's Harmony.
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I would check out "The Guitar Grimoire" by Adam Kadmon
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Guitar Logic : Patterns for Improvisation
Its not just patterns. Its music theory applied directly to guitar. It covers physical techniques and music theory and is very helpfull.

EDIT : Also get guitar pro for your computer learn songs you like. That will get you far too.
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EDIT : Also get guitar pro for your computer learn songs you like. That will get you far too.

What is guitar pro?? Will it work on a Mac?

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What is guitar pro?? Will it work on a Mac?


Guitar Pro is a program that shows tab and standard notation. And plays audio of simulated instruments. You can find or make your own files. Theres files on hear of just about any popular song. Then you can play along to it and slow sections down and learn the songs. I used it to learn a lot of ozzy solos that were hard to figure out with the tab because they are so damn fast and skipping cds back and listening takes so much more time. Its super helpfull.
Yes it is available for mac.

I recomend you still pursue the theory book thats always good but good practice with the guitar pro program really helps technique and is way more fun than a metronome.

Worth every penny.