i played this guitar the other day and fell in love with it, not suprising it is an RG ! if anyone has one to sell please name me a price! and ive also got four guitars im willing to part with and each one comes with a hardshell case if youre willing to trade. they are as listed with upgrades:

Ibanez SZ520 (BLUE)
PRS Dragon II Pick Ups
Grover Locking Tuners
Ibanez Case

Ibanez SZ320 (BLACK)
Seymour Duncan JB bridge pup
Grover Locking Tuners
SKB case

EMG-85/81 Pick Ups
Alveryz case

Schecter C-1 Plus (RED)
Gibson '57 Classic Pick Ups
Washburn case
Yes, I have the 2007 model...its great, although I haven't figured out all that it can do yet
actually that is a pretty dope guitar, i just dont like EMGs and im more of a bolt on neck kind of guy now, i just love the feel of a bare neck plus that flamed red maple top and reverse head stock is uber sexy
i got an rg3ex1 in the same color excpe with a quilt top finish. same wizard II neck as well. the headstock is just flipped right side up. i am willing too trade or sell, pm me for details.