I need a amp for bedroom practice and for shows. I play mostly Guns N Roses, Staind, Alice in Chains, Rush, Megadeth, Built to spill, MEtallica , the who, live, pixies. I want a pretty loud amp and i would like it to have tubes. I have couple hundred dollars in guitar center giftcard so i will be buying it there. so what ever is at guitar center new or used is what i need.

Thank You
GC can order you nearly anything that they have on their website.
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I don't know if GTR Center carries Bogner Amps but I wanted to put you on to this thing anyway because it's a super versatile amp, that goes from clean to super heavy and it's a little different than your mainstream marshall's etc. The Alchemist is one bad ass amp. To give you an idea of pricing, there is a head on the Gear Mall (link below) for $1,099. Bogner offers this amo as a combo as well

Video demo at the link below:


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