i was wondering if the vox ad50vt is good for metal !! and if i could use my distortion pedal whitout a problem?!!
I don't see any negative effects that the amplifier would have on metal.

Also: If you're talking about heavy metal music, then yes, it can do it. Just not as good as others.
Way better than a spider. A lot less digital sounding. And yes, your distortion pedal should work fine.

But if you JUST want to play metal, go for a Roland Cube. the Vox and Cube are the two most popular solid state practice amps and everyone says if you play mainly metal, get the Cube... but if you play a little of everything then get the Vox.
i have this amp, its decent for metal, sometimes i get frustrated with it, but im pretty picky about my sound, i would say just go try one
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a play a lot of metal but i also play other things!! i think i will buy it and use my metal master pedal for the extreme distortion lol!