im planning on buying a clone of one from ceriatone

but i dont know if i should get the plexi or the JTM, or even that 36 watt EF86 by ceriatone looks pretty sweet too

which do you recommend?

im not too concerned with cleans as my JC120H covers it quite well

i really like a nice thick vintage growly tone, but then again also really like the slightly overdriven tone which is great for blues

i also prefer an amp thats more articulate at higher gains so that my rhythm playing wont sound like mush

i will only be playing a tele (just as soon as i buy it)

i honestly think i will happy with either of them but i dont know which i like more, kinda leanin towards the plexi tbh

which do you like and why?
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If you only want dirty tone then I'd probably go for the 18 watter clone. I think it's based of the plexi, but you should be able to get that cranked tone at a much lower volume.
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im not to worried about too much power, because i know i could easily get a half power switch installed, and if worse comes to worse i may buy an attenuator

im just concerned about tone
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They're all pretty similar to me, like I said, the 18 watt would be the easiest to crank, not to mention the cheapest, my 2 cents.
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i should also mention that i play in a really loud band
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I have a JTM45, its very loud, its very bassy, and its very growly. At higher gain levels it is not inarticulate, but if you're a guy who wants to play palmuted metal riffs or something, it will get very woofy on the low end and is just not good for that purpose. It is probably the best blues amp available though, an amazing clean sound that can rival any Fender and a very tasteful British overdrive that sounds unlike any other Marshall.

What plexi are you looking at? The 50 watt JMP (1986/1987)? or 100 watt super lead?

And don't underestimate the volume of these, a half power switch will not do it, you'll need either a complete power scaling kit or a GOOD attenuator (like, a Ho/ultimate attenuator). I can't even tell you how loud these suckers are. You can say that you play in a loud band but even the 30 watt JTM45 is much too loud for most gigs.
id prefer to have a higher wattage and a half power switch just for the headroom choices, i can adjust my tone accordingly to the amount of volume/headroom i need for a situation
ex. if its really loud and i have a 30 watter my tone may be to saturated and overdriven for a particular song etc.

although i enjoy palm muting metal riffs and doing that kind of stuff i usually dont do it much in band situations so thats not much of a concern

is the bass farty at all?

this isnt going to be a bedroom amp btw, im gonna use it for rehearsals and shows

i was mostly looking at the plexi 50 lead 1987, and the JTM 45/100

im not to sure of the tonal differences between a jtm 45, 50 or 45/100

i need articulation because i want to be able to hear the different notes in a chord, and not just one big musy pile of fizzle
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I know, even if you use it for rehearsalsl and shows, it's still going to be too loud if you buy a 50 watt 1987. It will easily drown out any drummer you have if he is playing un-mic'ed. You'll need an attenuator.

All the amps will give you good articulation, none of them are fizzy or muddy sounding although you need to be careful with the JTM45 as the bass can get loose and flabby with the wrong speakers and it will get muddy using a darker sounding guitar and the normal channel (but really, no one ever uses the normal channel unless they're using a strat).

Here are some really good sound clips that I like of the JTM45


That being said, I actually prefer the 1986 bass for the 50 watt plexi. It has a bigger low end and just more girth to the sound.

The volume of the JTM45 works a little differently from the 50 watter. The 50 watter has a bright cap in it's stock design that needs to be removed and it gives the amp a much more linear volume increase. The JTM45 starts breaking up at around 4 or so and will get you AC/DC-ish crunch by 6 or 7. It pretty much maxes out on volume at around 5 anyway, so from then on out you're just getting more saturation. But it cleans up very well with the volume control on your guitar. The 50 watter peaks in volume at around... 2, literally, it's like an on-off switch. And from there on out, it starts getting dirtier and it gets a lot more gain than a JTM45 and doesn't clean up quite as well by the time you've got the amp cranked.

The JTM45/100 and JTM50 are a bit different, I really like the JTM45/100, its basically like a solid state rectified JTM45 (less sag, more edge) running kt-66s, think Jimi Hendrix at Monterrey Pop Festival, the JTM50 is like a halfsie between the JTM45 and 1986, solid state rectified, split cathode JTM45 circuit with el-34s rather than kt-66s and a 50 watter output trannie. But yeah, definitely has a lot of 1986 character.

Here is what the 1986 or JTM50 type amp sounds like.