well im going to get a delay pedal and am looking at the boss ones. please don't suggest to me the other delay pedals available.

i've basically ruled out the dd3, but i have a question about it.
does the hold function on the dd3 serve as a looper like the dd6 and 7?
it says : "Hold function repeats delay sound indefinitely for interesting effects"

what exactly does that do? just holds out the last note you play?

because i know that the dd6 can loop about 5 seconds of playing and the dd7 can loop 40 seconds (wow)

anyway...i'm deciding between the dd6 and 7

the 6 has warp, in addition to reverse and hold.

what exactly is warp delay? does anybody have a sound clip/video that demonstrates it?

the dd7 takes out warp delay and replaces is with analog and modulate, in addition to reverse and hold.

is it worth getting the dd6 for the warp delay and cheaper price?

the delay time isn't too important, although the 40 second loop in the dd7 is nice, because some riffs are more than 5 seconds (dd6 hold function capacity)

sorry for the long thread, but the questions are simple. thanks for your help
with the dd3 the hold function is a repeat type thing so you play a riff and then press the pedal and hold it down, and it will repeat it over and over until u lift your foot off. the problem is u only get 800ms of repeat time..
if you've ruled out the dd3 then u might be interested in the dd5?
its cheaper than the dd6 or 7 but it depends on your budget
also although all those modes are fun to mess with you probably wont use them as much as you think... but if your set on a dd6 or 7 you may as well go the extra couple bucks and get the dd7 it should have bass and guitar in and stereo out and all sorts of extra handy ins/outs
alright, so basically the dd3 is less than a second of hold function. so you can't really loop a full phrase with it, which sucks.

anyone know about warp delay?
i have a dd7. it's a great pedal. the modulate setting nails the edge from u2 and the analog setting sounds super close to the vintage boss dm-2.
Iirc with warp delay you press it on and the delay continues indefinately.
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as i haven't really spent more than like 10 minutes on either of those pedals, i'd suggest you google the term 'warp delay' and do all the researching you can. type it into youtube and i bet you'll find out EXACTLY how it sounds. come on man....do we need to change your underwear for you too?

if i'm coming off as a dick...oh well...i'm just telling you how everyone else is probably interpreting it b/c the users on this forum should be mature or at least act that way. immaturity will get you a bad reputation and possiby get you warnings, reported, or even banned.

in all seriousness, good luck. choosing between different models of pedals is a tough job indeed.
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the problem is in 30 minutes, this thread was already lost and it was on the 2nd page so i wanted to bump it so it would be seen. and i've already searched youtube and haven't found anything.
^ most people I my self go back 4-5 pages or until I see the end of new post, so its not really lost untill its 6-10 pages back. As far as your question, the DD6 and the DD7 are pretty similar, I personally like the external tap function of the dd7, but I personally own the dd6 and it works great for me, My amp has a FX loop on and off which contolable buy the footswitch, so I can leave the dealy on tap mod all the time and then trun the FX loop on when I am ready, if I didn't have this setup I probably would not care for the tap feature at all on the dd6. As far as tone goes, both delays sound nice, the analog feature is nice on the dd7 but really it only sounds natural when the delay time is pretty short. I do a lot of doted 8th notes so I don't need the anolog feature, also I have an anolog delay for soloing, so thats unnessairy for me. Good luck, I would go for the dd7 or older dd5.
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