I cannot play either. I had three RR during the 1980s and know what to expect provided it is a good one. I know nothing about the San Dimas. It is a 2007 and has a Koa body. I love the birdseye maple neck and would pretty much buy it for that. I am looking for a rocking guitar for heavier stuff, but I want one that plays well. I know the RR1 will play well. What do you? How are the San Dimas guitars? Both having locking tremelos which is fine. I have other guitars and these are niche guitars for metal.

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The new San Dimas Charvels are great, you can't go wrong with them. Its hard to compare it to the RR1, but its all about preference in the end. If you're happy with the specs on the Charvel, then go ahead with it.
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