Ok so i can play this song at full speed right but after awhile during the song my arms start to get sore then they start to get tired and i get a bit sloppy and screw up then the chorus comes in and i have a little break then back into it for the final run to the end of the song.

so can anyone tell me how i can get my arms more comfortable whilst playing?
maybe some exercises to do before i start or something?

Thanks in Advance
Just be sure to stay loose throughout the song, even at full speed. Keep your shoulders down, and make sure you aren't using too much forearm while picking. And practice, as always.
I've heard that doing two-knuckle push-ups strengthens your forearms, which will give you increased stamina
by the sounds of it, you havent learnt it to the extent where you can do all of the complex movements comfortably
if i were you, i'd take it back a few beats per minute
relearn it, taking note of how to make the movements as economical as possible
then start pushing the beats up again
i did that with the riff in Master of Puppets, with all the downpicking
and it helps heaps.
also, if its hurting you to play it, warm up first, or play a few songs before getting into it
hope that helps you out
as for exercises, try some slow chromatic scales across the fretboard to warm up all of your fingers
and try a couple of solos that you know how to do perfectly
if nothing else, its a confidence boost
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What they said.. Also, wouldn't hurt to do a couple sets of pushups a day to strengthen any assosciated muscles. Especially if your guitar is on the heavy side.
Quote by sirAbe
so can anyone tell me how i can get my arms more comfortable whilst playing?
maybe some exercises to do before i start or something?

Making sure you're properly warmed up before you start playing is always a good idea but as long as your technique is good (no excess tension, good posture and all that) then the only thing that will really help is just playing as much as you can; stamina only comes with time and practice.

I wouldn't listen to the people who are saying do pushups and all that kind of stuff though; pushups work on completely the wrong sets of muscles so they're useless for playing guitar.
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Playing standing up for me gives me more energy. If i am sitting down, my muscle fatigue at much quicker pace, especially my shoulder and fore arms after long, alternate picking session. When you stand, IMO, you muscle are in a more natual postition, and plus, when are you going to sit down at a show? You may even get one of those bar stools that have no backing and for the most part demand correct posture.