Ok so I love my b52 at212. But while I was at guitar center I spotted a used 5150 combo and said eh, why not try it out. It was everything I have ever wanted in an amp. Now the hard part is whether to part with my B52 or keep it and pay for the 5150 outright which is $599. I love how versatile the B52 is but this 5150 is my perfect tone. Please help and is a 5150 combo a good deal for $599
check ebay for a lower price
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599 isn't bad, but I would try to haggle a bit if I was you. If you can afford it I would say get the 5150, but if you need to sell the b-52 (not to GC) to buy it and you're only playing metal then that wouldn't be too bad.
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I would personally hang onto the B-52 for some versatility and for the recto-like tones it provides.

When playing live, run them in an A/B/Y situation and profit
With an A/B/Y box. There are few things in this world more delicious than running two differently-colored amps in tandem.
Thats a killer deal no shipping you can find some 5150 combos for 450 lowest Ive seen but there 98 pound amps there very heavy shipping will kill you bring any low deal you find up to more then that local deal