After I play for about 30 minutes, if I move my hand a certain way, they get a kind of "twinge." It's as if there's a little bit of a shock just surging through my hand and wrist. Am I gripping the guitar too tight, or is it something else? I'm worried about injuring my hand, so I need some advice!
can lead to tendenitis carpel tunnel ive had it. REST, dont over do it, warm up and cool down and use low action thin strings if it persists.
take a rest...i get it in my pinky sometimes, and it hurts like hell...dont overdo it though
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I get that sometimes, I think it's a pinched nerve. It'll happen if my wrist cracks in a specific way. If it's happening all the time, you might want to see a doctor.
That happens to me after I've been playing the drums for a couple of hours, but I've never had it from guitar. Mine's in my wrist, which makes sense for drumming.
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yeah stop if u even get the pain
that happens 2 me all the time
turn your arm/wrist backwards and in all different ways
then just dont do anything watch tv whatever
dont pick up the guitar until tomorrow
then it should be fine
if not consult your doctor
hope everythings ok