Hey guys, I've been practicing lately (it's all I do :\) and just got into bending. I understand how to bend to correct pitches. But I don't think I'm doing the motion right. I see that most guitarists put their thumb on the neck and use it for leverage when bending...

I've tried to copy that but I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. What I'm doing is pushing upwards ( example bend D note on 7th fret G string to 9th fret E note) with my fingers. Am I supposed to just use my wrist? It's hard to explain..I might be able to make a video on it. Also, I'm using 3 fingers to bend (index, middle, ring)

Thanks for any input

I just bend with the joint of my pointer finger....

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Well I might be doing it wrong, but I use my index and middle fingers to either pull it down or push it up, depending on what string I'm on.
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