Hey all! this is my first post...so i hope i havnt broken any rules as of yet.

I love this song by a Melbourne (australia) band called the Wellingtons.
I've requested this tab...but i don't think theres anyone whose heard it..or can get a copy.
I've found the acoustic version on youtube...and really want to learn how to play.

If anyone needs the song...i have it (i got it from their ep.. only like 40 were sold) :P
just contact me

but can anyone try figure out this song and tab it?
Id appreciate it SOOOOOOOO MUCH...

song: Sigh For sore eyes
Band: The Wellingtons


Thanks heaps anyone! i really do mean it
Sorry for the bump.

If no one can do it... can anyone tell me if its possible..or is it too hard to identify? :O