The first is is it still possible to get as much sound maneuverability with passive pick ups with an active pre-amp compared to an active E.Q.

Would it be a better idea to get a 35 inch scale four string or a 34 inch scale 5 string ( better lows and less flop with a longer neck or an extra string).

Im not really cluey on this stuff at the moment so any help would be good, thankyou!

P.S. Could you get just as much sound bending with a good amp or does and active E.Q help?

P.P.S. Sorry for all the questions, it a little more than a couple!
i thought and active preamp and an active EQ were the same thing (correct me if im wrong)

why not get a 35 inch 5 string?

i dont understand the 3rd question
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Active preamps exist to give an extra gain stage. That will improve the signal/noise ratio, and improve your existing tone. They usually have some degree of tone control.
Inline boosters and active DI boxes have an op-amp inside, but are primarily there to improve your s/n ratio. Something like an MXR Micro-Amp has no tone control, whereas a good active DI box like a Tech 21 does.
By active EQ, I wonder if you mean a parametric EQ? If so, it uses a series of op-amps and band-pass filters to boost or cut certain frequencies. Primarily it's there for tone shaping, but it'll usually give a little gain boost by virtue of the way it works.
The passive EQ in most amps simply cuts a given frequency, the same as the tone and volume controls on a passive bass. If the frequencies are well placed, then you can shape the tone to favour certain qualities in your bass. IMO, a good passive EQ will give you all the tone shaping you need.

As for the 35" scale, any luthiers making them always claim better results for detuned 4-strings and all 5's/6's. Having a 35" myself, and having had a good 34" 5-string, whose low B sounded like hitting a Bechstein with a lump hammer, I'm not so sure there's a big difference. It does feel different, so as always, I'd say go and try one. It's the only way you'll know if it's for you.
Sorry it's a little on the long side , hope it helps. Any other q's, just ask!