Pretty soon i'm going to be investing in a mexican Fendar Stratocaster, which leave me with the porblem of what to do with my old Gear 4 Music Strat style pile of crap

I decided that i would pimp it it up make it look cool as i wouldnt mind if it all whent wrong seeing as the guitar istelf is cheaper than guitar hero XD However, to do this i'd have to remove all of the strings in order to fit a new pickguard and decorate the neck.

This is a problem because when my friend did this on his Ibanez he found that after he had done this he was unable to tune one string without throwing the rest out of tune.

Naturally I want to avoid this so is there anything I can do to avoid this, or fix it after it happens?

He recomended sticking a painbrush somewhere but i really don't know how that's meant to solve anything XD

Here is a link to the guitar itself so you know what i'm working with:

Also, i'm indending to decorate my neck and was planning to use some paint and a fine tip bursh to do this but i'm fearfull that it would just smudge all over the neck and ruin it. Is there anything I should use instead or would paint be fine? (I'm planning to use the kind you would use for model making if that helps)

Finally, sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum but this is my first post so I'm new to all this lol

Thanks to anyone who posts!
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nice new guitar
i dano why your friend had problems i never have when i completely restring a guitar
if your going to paint maybe once your done put a clear varnish or something over it to help protect it?
you should have any problems with the strings but
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Did your friend put different gauge strings on afterwards?
Did he mess around with the springs in the back cavity?
Was it a floating trem?

If none of those are the case, then I'm not sure what went wrong, but you should be fine.
The neck might be hard to do...if you do it, do it lightly (not too thick paint) or else it will effect it's playability. Some kind of clear varnish like the guy above suggested might work...nail polish? :S Not really sure.
You could coat it with clear lacquer...it's what I did with my Strat's neck, but the neck and fretboard on mine was all maple...
Some kind of protective oil?

I'm really not sure, sorry man.
But the strings thing shouldn't be a problem.
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This will happen.The easiest way to releave this a bit.Install all strings loose gradually tune each string up starting in the center.Do not try to tune one string completely also stretch each string during tuning.You will still have to go over them a couple times.As someone said above if string gauge is changed or spring tension is changed more adj. will be needed

when the strings are going to be off a bolt on guitar for a long time, i'll take off the neck. this is me. but you can do what you want. either way, you need to put in the time to set it up again afterwards.

the guitar needs to be left laying flat, and the guitar will need to be setup after restrung.

if it's a trem bridge, the bridge springs in the rear cavity of the guitar will pull at the bridge, with no counter tension from the strings. so your friend probably suggested you block the bridge from moving, by slipping wood in the back trem cavity, behind the bridge first.

can be helpful.


in the first post of the setup thread, you can see a picture of a trem cavity. the space to the right is where the block would go.

as for painting, you would need to get down to bare wood before painting over it.
that's an unfinished rosewood neck, by the way. already bare wood. but unfinished necks have minor cracks, and paint will seep into that. you can try to paint, but maybe a less harsh acrylic would be better, you dont want to split the board.

anyway, you have a lot of questions, if you need help setting up after you mod the guitar,
i'm in that set up thread all the time.


like said, you'll need to take off the strings,

maybe block the bridge first.

*if taking off gaurd,
remove the outer most guard screws to take off the guard, and know that the guard will still be attached by a few wires.

be prepared to shield the guitar cavity, to make it a more quiet guitar, while you have it open.

maybe add vinyl decals.

prepare a body if you want to paint it.

strat knobs pull off, if you were going to swap out those.

graphtech makes good saddles, if you want better playing, and intonation.

and tell your friend to balance his bridge and his guitar will tune up again.

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you just have to set it up again.

it's a good idea to swap one string at a time, if you dont know how to set up, and just want to play.
but if you're modding a guitar, it's an important part of learning how.

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Jenny needs to sow her wild oats with random Gibsons and Taylors she picks up in bars before she settles down with a PRS.

Set up Questions? ...Q & A Thread

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wow thanks guys
loads of gr8 tips here, and i shall deffinatly update this during the mod process to check if im doing everything right XD

thanks again!