my bro has an axl badwater series guitar with a trem on it. I believe it's a two-point rocking trem style trem but i'm not very familiar with trems. He is only just beginning and will probably not even touch the trem for atleast a year. His guitar goes out of tune constantly because of it. I was wondering if there was a way I could lock it down to where it doesnt move at all?
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get string locks for the nut, should keep it solid. Thats if it will accomodate them of course. Im guessing its s floydd rose style tremlo if it keeps de-tuning? If it is, and it won't take string locks, dont suppose there is a lot to do about it.
There are actually alot of different options, depending on the style. Try to look at other guitars that have a similar style trem, it's either a strat style that can only be pushed towards the body or a floyd rose/floating style that can be pushed towards the body or pulled away. Probably though if it's a cheaper built guitar, just stay away form using the trem all together. Try using the searchbar for some more in depth ways to deal with tremelos.
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theres a thing called tremel no or something like that... or you can block off the trem underneath between the body and the trem block with like a block of wood or something like this. Also take the trem bar out.
The way I see it you have 2 choices,

Choice 1 is as guitarcam123 says is to block the trem, which is as expensive as the wood you use.

Choice 2 is to drop the trem so it sits on the top of the guitar and then tighten the trem springs so its solid. You will then need to raise the string saddles to compensate for the height lost by dropping the bridge. This is free but requires a bit of knowledge of setups to do right and still have a playable guitar at the end.
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