Daddy playing hopscotch
jumping hurtles in the backyard
tiny bluebirds looking on
they wonder if he'll make it

well the past will always show
the future can't be changed a bit
put your best tux on a monkey
but he still throws his shit

Daddy jumping hurtles
tripping, falling on his face
and the tiny bluebirds scatter
leaving feathers in their place

now the monkey's gone
with all your hopes and dreams
but hey
youre the one who trusted the chimp

now don't you feel silly?
now don't you see the truth?
now don't you feel stupid?
that's what i thought

watching daddy dig his holes
knee deep in muck
all the tiny bluebirds piled
nice in neat up in his bucket
****ing think before you speak
and you might not end up dead
but who do i think i'm fooling?
you can't even hear me

now don't i feel silly?