Does anyone know if the compressor on this mixer is assignable to individual channels?

I asked Behringer but they ignored me. Their gear is decent but their manuals are shi_t!

If anyone knows then I'd appreciate it.

The compressor comes under the Ins FX (No Ch Rout) list

check this image for reference:


However from what I can gather the controles allow for independant channel processing, such as compressor applied to channel 5 and 6 and so on.

If anyone has experience with this mixer I'd appreciate any advice or knowledge.

you can put the compression on which ever channels you want, but you cant tweak the compression for each channel. What you do is turn the compression on, then turn the FX knob up on the tracks you want compression on.

Im getting this out of the picutre, so i may be wrong.
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That's basically right. I have the 2442FX-PRO, which is, though bigger, basically the same thing.

You send your audio to the built-in FX via aux 3. The knob on the channel for aux 3 controls how much of the signal is sent to the built-in FX. There is a button by the FX section that controls how much is returned. There are a couple of different compression settings, but you can only use one effect setting at a time, so you'd be stuck with the same compression setting for all channels you had routed to the FX. A feature setup like this is much more useful with FX like reverb and delays where often times you want some consistency.

I have (and have had) a few Behringer products. I've generally found their manuals to be really decently written.

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Thanks people, the manual was well misleading but my initial thoughts were correct. Thanks for the responses, it was a pretty stupid question I guess

Behringer got back to me as well. Compressor is channel assignable like you guy's suggest, however the manual just confuses the hell outta me suggesting something about muting a channel blah blah.

Behringer themselves said to basically select the compressor, and turn the fx to channel pot up to desired level and only that channel gets affected providing the FX master fader is up. What I thought then

Good stuff

I don't seem to see an Aux 3 on my mixer? I didn't realise I had to play with the Aux inputs. Am I being really stupid again?

My set up was XLR to say channel one, then apply the FX FADER to a level, then the other FX pot above the fader.

Then the individual channel FX pot itself.

Actually, since I only have six XLR'S on this mixer, what I did was use two XLR to 1/4 jack adapters, plugged into the mono input of channels 9/10 and channels 11/12 and allowed myself another two mic's to be plugged in. One of these is the snare mic and I was hoping to use compression on this channel.

The adapters worked a treat. I'll try compression on one of these channels.
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