OK. I am new to building/modifying pedals (electronics in general). I'm starting by reading up on the components and science behind it at geofex and kspec, as well as some FAQs from DIY stompboxes. Only soldering I've done is some pickup rewiring and a wah fix. I do own a soldering iron.

I recently bummed a DS-1 off a buddy of mine so I could mod it, I was thinking either to keeley specs or grab monte allums kit. Could anyone point me in the direction of the best sounding modifications (clarity, punch, tone) for these pedals? Should I start off with something easier?
I'm kinda new to it myself, cannot really offer advice re what mods on this type of pedal as i'm going a tubescreamer/TS808 kit when it turns up.

I modded my wah though, which works but it is not a job I'm proud of, so I can say that I wish I had done the following before starting it:

1) Got a desolder vacuum pump thingy instead of using de-soldering braid.
2) got one of those cheap kits hobby kits from maplin or radioshack for a few pennies and made a little PCB radio or preamp or something to get used to soldering components onto a board first

hope that helps a little.
I think i'm just going to go with the monte allums kit to get some expirience. If I dont like it i'll do some of the stuff recommended in the Ultimate DS-1 mod thread.