I'm Not Like..

I'm Not like any-of-the-people who replied to this particular-thread.
...regret to say, still slightly sick-in-the-head.
see, i'm the master-of-dark-arts, and drafter of daft-drafts
disaster-of-a-man who'd sell his heart for the last-laugh
who shouts his grave-doubts about the nation-of-hate
to try and spark a great-debate about the state-of-the-state.
The human-zoo walks with crude-goals under its shoe-soles
while men with more Roubles-than-scruples abuse the loop-holes
and you shouldn't need decoder-rings... just need to know-some-things
looking for some openings? 'Click reply-to-post' he sings

i'm delightful, stifled, egotistical and spiteful
like sci-fi on your hi-fi but with a crack-pipe and rifle
my addiction... is significantly affecting my diction
and so this particular piece-of-fact is largely fiction... like Nixon.

i dictate to bored-keyboards and curse at cursed-cursors
and write verses about persons commiting hate-crimes at churches
the vaudevillian civilian, with a chin stained vermillion
tryna curcumvent the gulf between one and six-billion