I want a 30 W practice amp for metal and rock. Should i get a solid state or a tube? Since I'll be playing metal, it has to be high gain I guess. I need some recommendations. Forget about the price for now, recommend me some of the best.
Solid state: good sound at low volumes, perfect for practice
Tube: good sound at high volumes, perfect for gig

I'd say Roland Cube 30. I have the 60 (almost identical, except for the wattage) and it's very cool.
If its fairly low which im guessing it is, there is a few options. The cube is good but also look at the Vox Ad series. You can also get a higher gain version of that too. (Even though it is pretty high gain) Also theres a crate 33 watt head, if you have a cab that could be nice. That's a tube amp too, and it's only 179. There's also some nice peavey's and other stuff.
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an amp thats not tube is like a guitar thats not wood. tube amps sound better at ALL volumes. they just sound better as they get turned up as opposed to digital rice crispy snap crackle pop of running out of overhead.
tube: real guitar sound
SS: imitation guitar sound (transtube, valvestate, flexwave, etc. all names given to solid state amps to imply they sound like tubes but theres no tube amp that imitates SS for a good reason)
oh yeah suggestions. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/navigation/tube-guitar-combo-amps?N=100001+338503&Ns=P_Price%7c0&rpp=20 sort it low to high. first page should cover your price range
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Vox Valvetronix AD30VT
Or you could get the higain version. Not sure how that plays though. Never used one.
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