I bought a magazine of ozzys old guitarist randy rhoads and noticed in a picture that his jackson doesn't have a floydrose.

What specific jackson is this?
The most similar model is the RR5.
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Its a Jackson Concorde!!

Its not an RR model at all!
The RR's were designed after he died, and are based on the concorde!


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You can still find them on the used market. The model is called the RR LTD. They don't make them anymore, so the price kind of shot up.
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That's his original design for the RR series he called the concord. They're fairly different from the production RR's. That has a larger body with much less fret access, two volume and tone controls, and the toggle switch is on top. Not to mention the strat style bridge isn't used on any other RR. Jackson's custom shop did a limited run of these not too long ago but at a few grand a piece it's not easily within reach for anyone. The closest thing to that in production is the RR5.
I believe he wanted to call it the Concorde but it was just a custom model at the time, after his death it was continued as the RR series.

It was at this time that Rhoads was beginning to receive recognition for his playing. Just before his death Jackson Guitars created a signature model, the Jackson Randy Rhoads or Randy Rhoads Pro (though it was recommended to be called the Jackson Concorde). Randy received two prototypes — one in black and one in white — but died before the guitar went into production. Rhoads also received the Best New Talent award from Guitar Player.
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this is thread is really old...but yeah the RR5 is pretty close to that except it has no tremolo. theres also a new RR24 thats pretty close to this except it has EMG's
Right first off that as mentioned is the concorde, thats randys original design. He never used an FR on that. He used an FR on his karl sandoval V. His Jacksons were all hardtails, they also have a neck profile which isnt far from a fender strat
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