Hey, im looking to buy a new combo, but I really dont know how many watts to get. I dont want to spend the money then later find out its too much or less. I'll be gigging, bars and such, but what about like gyms and some outdoor stages, this is one subject i'm clueless on.
what styles do you play? are you getting tube or ss?
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If you want a tube amp, 30 watts should do it for most gigs.
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uh mostly hard rock, some progressive. Yeah great thanks for the advice, and sorry i should have seen the amp thread.
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Yeah...absolutely get a tube amp. Darkarbiter7 is right...a 30 watt tube amp (or higher) will cover anything! Especially if you mike it at bigger venues. That's something that is far overrated..high wattage. Certain people think you gotta have 100+ watts to play a gig. That is completely untrue! In fact, the I have seen someone play the Orange Tiny Terror, on the 7 watt setting, and still easily get over the drums. So, don't buy into that "you need 100-watt" bullshit! Here's another bit of evidence for you...Eric Clapton played the Cream reunion tour mostly using a 40-watt '57 reissue Fender Twin for large arena gigs. Of course he was miked into the PA, but he used a 40-watter no less!