I love playing Southern rock, Classic rock, Metal, and Hardcore.

My dilema is im building a new rig, I need some opinions

Ive been looking into a Tube Head and was wondering
what would really suit those playing styles.

I know the best way for me to find one is to go out and play one
or look at the rigs that my favorite artists play.

id just like to narrow it down a lil before i sit down n try these bad boys out.
I play the same stuff- a peavy vypyr, in my opinion, would be the best. those have nice distortion on them.
they also have a bunch of effects so you can make it sound like your using different styles of amps and different effects along with it and stuff.
I have it, its very nice. Check it out:
Would you be interested in going used?
Do you have a budget?

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I would be interested in going used,
Theres no shame in used gear.
I also do have a budget of about 500 to drop on a head
Preferably a lil less
Why is this in the GB&C Forum? I'll report it so mod can move it, k?

Anyway, check out the Vox Valvetronix. In this case, the AD100VT Head. It is a modeling amp that can pull off just about anything.
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