Hey, i looked around and couldnt really find an answer on the forums sooo...
I want to know what i need for my bands vocal setup. We were going to save up for a pa/mixer package but that isnt going to work out. So i need a fairly cheap alternative, i really dont know the price range of this area. i read something about going from mic to preamp to speaker, but it sounded like that was best for recording not gigging. well be playing fairly loud hard rock.
You need a PA, or at the very least some type of amp that allows for use with a mic. Like an acoustic amp or similar.
without getting too complicated, you can always use a hi impedance mic in an unused channel on your amp. or get an impedance converter from radio shack. and yea, i've done both and they do work
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keyboard amp and mic.
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why would i need high impudence, i thought low was better...and wouldnt going through my amp like get major feedback it with all the gain. Im not trying to be a dick like im questioning your helpful advice im just curious. I really dont know.
if you are going to run a mic through an amp, its better to use a keyboard amp, or at least a bass amp. the other option i can think of is to grab a powered speaker of some sort, then a mic preamp (some are pretty cheap) and then of course your mic. active speakers arent really that cheap though (MF has some for around $200) so this isnt really that much better than just buying your PA.

the other option is to get a powered mixer and a speaker cabinet. you can easily get a passive speaker cabinet for less than an active one (of course, quality wont be anything special). something like this might be a good way to get your live sound going. however, i dont really know if 100w is really going to cut it for a loud band.

really, the best option is to save up and buy things in pieces. grab a cheap mixer to start (4 channel ones can be under $75), then go with a decent power amp and some speakers. you could probably get an ok setup for $500. wouldnt be anything special, but it would be something to upgrade piecewise as you get more money.