Are these speakers crappy?
I'm about to buy a Carvin 2x12 for $81.
They are loaded with two Celestion 70/80's.
I'm only going to be using this 2x12 for practices and in-home jamming.
The woods is poplar btw.

Idk for $81, deal or no deal?
Other 2x12 are so much more pricy (Avatar would be THREE times as more expensive)
That'd be a good deal for the cab if it had nothing in.

They're really average speakers, lacking low-end and are quite sharp and aggressive without a great deal of character.

I'd replace them with warehouse speakers asap. But for now they're adequate and that's an amazing deal.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Seventy 80's are not horrible speakers but they are the low end, generic speaker that Celestion produces.

Seeing that Seventy 80's cost $80 a piece plus the cost of the building material then I would say that $81 for a 2x12 is an excellent deal.