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Tribal Red
22 46%
Tribal Green
26 54%
Voters: 48.
...which guitar thread!!



& before anyone says "Idiot! they're the same guitar!!"
...i know that, all i really want help deciding on is the finish

so, metalheads... i want your opinions mainly, but everyones is welcome


also for anyone else that votes or replies, if you wouldn't mind, could you put why you prefer which ever it is that you prefer... just thought it might give me ideas for what look i really want from it
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the green one looks sick.


After further analysis i have to go with the red 1, it just looks more awesome.
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Red ftw!

but seriously.... toss a coin!

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Red one.
I think that the slight difference in shape is better aswell.
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Red one.
I think that the slight difference in shape is better aswell.

what slight difference in shape?!
its the same guitar, just with different finishes!
So these ship even to Sweden?! Awesome! I'll get one as soon i have bought myself a new amp and some other stuff.
sweet.. 50:50! They're both awesome, I voted Red. Although I'd personally go green
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i like red.. its like what i would do
more home-y feel

green is just like adding a new one
if its ur first, go red, if its an additional go green
i voted green
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green, that is one sexy green finish
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Red, although I wouldn't mind green.
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