I have been considering buying either a Roland Microcube or Roland 20x. I know the latter can connect with a footswitch, but can a microcube do it as well?
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there's no spot for a foot switch on the micro cubes.
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it work's fine with distortion pedals, which is surprising with a modeling amp.

As long as you're on the JC Clean setting, they work no problem.
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The Microcube sounds like arse, too.

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the microcube is a better bet than the cube 20. but the cube 30 or 60 would be a better bet unless you need the portability. the 20 doesn't have all the amp models that the others do.
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The Microcube sounds like arse, too.

your arse, timi? sounds like someone needs to go to the doctor.

the micro, is good for the price. works for home practice, tones features.

if you plan on playing with another guitarist, then jump up the cube 30, imo.

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