Hi everyone, I'm looking to make an upgrade from my line 6 spider 3 15watt. My budget is $300. I'm mainly looking for a broad range of tones so I'd prefer something that models, tube amps are out of the question since I'd never be able to turn the volume up high (I play in my bedroom primarily, I'm looking for good tone, not volume). Do the line 6 POD Studios encounter any lag while playing ? Do they last ? Could anyone make a few amp recommendations to try out at my local music store ? Would a 75watt amp sound better than a 30watt amp at the same volume ? Thanks
Vox AD30VT, great tone, has exceptionally range (as in can play well at high to low volumes). I've had one for 3 years, i haven't had to replace the tubes and it sounds great. It does good distortion without an OD pedal. I suggest you get it.
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+1 to Vox AD30VT
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i suggest AD30VT. I have it and i love it. Obviously it sounds better at high volumes but it's good at low volumes as well.
maybe i missed something but can you sell your Spider too to up your budget?

what kind of music do you play?

can you look at used gear? If so, what is your closest major city.

tube amps can be played at bedroom levels. With the exception of the Valveking 50 wattr you don't want to look at anything over 30 watts imo. There are plenty of 3, 5, 15 watt tube and hybrid amps that would work great. SuperChamps and Vypyrs are two of them.