I am going to get a head and cab soon and I was wondering if anybody knows good middle priced ones!

I am willing to spend 650-1000 euro on a head and 700 on a cab.

I play in a band and I play rock, metal and some alternative stuff.

I want to get a Synyster Gates like tone. I know he uses Bogner and Mesa but I can't afford them.

Any suggestions?

I have a schecter Hellraiser c-1 fr and a Boss GT-10

(P.s. Anybody who wants to make this about whether Syn is a good guitarist or not can get lost because this thread isn't about that)
Wrong section


oh and Syphilis Gates is a douche bag

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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No crap! I was just asking for advise! If anybody did know off a good one because I have been looking for a week!