I'm a girl. Btw.

I was at my job at this grocery store at register checking people's items out. I hear the door security alarm thing go off and I look and it's a man with a guitar on his back. He looked confused but he walked into the store.

He went to my register to buy some chocolates. He then told me he thought the alarm went off because of some old chocolates in his pocket.

He was fine.

Really fine.

Then I told him "Well, it was probably because of the humbuckers or the single coils in your guitar, assuming it's an electric".

He blacked out right there.

He walked out of my store and I continued with my job. He had the "what the hell just happened" look on his face. What should I do? What should I have done? I see him 2-3 times whenever he comes into the store. He must really love chocolate. I'm 19 and he looks like he's 17 but whatever. He plays guitar.

I learned from my friend also that he told him I play a Gibson SG and I'm single. I'm waiting for the next time he comes into my store. Keep the advice coming!
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Too late - this is the rare time where being early would have been a good idea.
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uuhh i assume you are the same person who started this other thread

go give yourself advice!!! :P
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that thread was made like a week ago.

ts fails.
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