We all know the momager, I think I may have a dadager on my hands. I love my dad dearly, but he's trying to get us to produce an acoustic single (And we take influence from Metallica, AFI, Avenged Sevenfold, TH etc..), he'll randomly pick up our instruments and start playing something on the E string and he'll be all "You should put that on your single" and he'sd trying to force all this software and recording equipment on us when we're just not ready yet, its just so irritating. I want to know how you all deal with managers and parents. I'm at the point where I want to chuck $3700 worth of musical equipment out the window. And I don't want to hurt his feelings either, like I said, I love my dad, but sometimes I want him to butt out of this because its something I want to do by myself and my band.
Tell him politely that you appreciate what he's doing but you'd rather not take his advice. He's not in the band, you are. Take charge. Even get a little bitchy with him, you're a girl, so you can get away with it

Plus anyway, acoustic singles aren't that good when you have influences like that. An acoustic song maybe at the back end of an album, but not a single.
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I had the same problem when I first started playing guitar. my dad was like "you know you don't always have to play with all that fuzz and stuff. Look at (insert washed up band with clean sound) they don't use all that distortion."

So evetually I just made it clear through actions that I didn't care what his opinion was, i was playing the way i want.
Clearly, he has the best of intentions. Tell him that you want his advice and respect his intentions, but that you want to talk about stuff, and accept them as ideas... not a carte-blanche 'you should do this.' He isn't to take it personally if you don't go with his ideas, but find out why he is making these suggestions. Are they suggestions that will make you happy.... or HIM happy? Tell him that the way he is approaching it is taking the fun out of it for you. Tell him that you feel that you aren't ready for these things yet. You might find he will agree, or will at least engage in conversation about it. He is interested in your music and encouraging it. That's more than what a lot of people get. Use it to your advantage, but don't let it smother you.


PS. My own daughter is only a few years younger than you.
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