I recorded it the other day in one take, so there are a few mess ups, and I'm still working on the chorus part and the breakdown a little (not so much that,with the vocals it sounds kinda cool, IMO). It's just the guitar part, and I'll be putting up a new version without the mistakes and with the vocals fairly soon. Thanks.

Ze linkage: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/dragxthexwaters/
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Anywho, the song was good. Good job man.
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Do you love Arsis?
how exactly are you mic'cing your amp?
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Are you using the RH50T for that? The tone is pretty beast, but then again its outside of a mix. What did you record with?

Considering this is one take this is pretty decent. The riffs are killer, even with the slight mistakes. Its kinda boring to listen all the way through though, if you did some leads over the rhythm that would be nice, but I'll wait till you get vocals. Hearing a full song with this stuff would be killer.

Good job.
To Kay: I just take my usb mic, put it on my mic stand, set it up so it's pointed at the cab and then just turn the amp up to about 3 and hit record.

To JohnnyLovesYou: Yeah, I got it off ebay for $300. I was pretty excited, and I'm thinking about getting a MXR 10 band eq to help define/shape it a little more. I recorded it with Audacity and a logitech usb mic, which cost like, $20.
And I get the boring thing, I'm still thinking of ways to make it a little better, even as an instrumental, and I'm well at work on the lyrics, those should be recorded in like, a week maybe? I dunno, school sucks. >.<

But thank you for checking it out guys haha.
This is our last chance.