Hi, I have a question about a custom pedal board I am thinking about building. I am currently running my guitar through an ABY switch. The A channel runs to a loop, into my first amp. The B channel runs into a processor, to my second amp. I want to put all my stuff onto a board, and want to velcro the pedals to the board. I'd like to build female jacks into the board so i can run my guitar line straight to the board, and run two lines straigh out of the board, into the amps. The pedals would be connected to the board with patch cables, and I would not have to unplug anything when traveling. Does anybody forsee a negative impact on my signal? I can't think of anything wrong, cause i'm basically just replacing instrument cables with wire and female jacks.

nothing wrong with that
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Awesome, what is the best plywood to use for pedal boards (material, thickness)?