a bunch of boss pedals, a dunlop wah, and a dunlop rotovibe?

i plan on getting either a boss psa-120 power supply or a 1spot power supply.
my problem is this: i'm going to need a daisy chain with more than 5 links.
preferably 7-10.

i heard that depending on the power supply, using too many daisy chain links won't work for your power supply. if you divide the power between too many pedals (like 7 on a daisy chain) enough power won't get through to all pedals, or the powersupply will be overpowered.

anybody have any advice?

will a 1spot power supply with 7 daisy chains running to 7 pedals be too much?
i have: boss tuner, distortion, chorus, phase shifter, flanger, tremolo, delay

and i have a dunlop crybaby wah and rotovibe.
i'll be powering these throught boss tuner pedal
Well, you could always buy another PSA-120 or 2 and use the daisies. Or get a GT-10 or something.
Shawn George Noel