Stupid title, let me explain..

How many of you study those guitar grades? Like, Rockschool, or whatever.

How much do they cost, how do they work?

This is all info I could get online, obviously, which is why the actual question is - are they worth it? The only real use I can see is being able to show what level you're at - apart from that, it's slightly useless.
I don't bother doing grades because honestly I don't need a certificate to tell me how ****ing awesome I am.
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You can tell other people how good you are. They also help if you're going to apply for a music course at college/uni. Also, if you do a decent grading system (RGT, not Rockschool) you're forced to learn a decent amount of theory and stuff to pass, so it will help to improve several areas of your playing.
there good because they help you with the theroy and timing side of things but if you know most of it dont worry/unless you want to be a teacher
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I'm working my way through the RGT grades and they've been extremely helpful. Obviously you don't need to them to prove your ability, but they help you link theory with actual playing and obviously mean the world if you ever need to prove your qualified for a music course or job perhaps.

They're worth it however you look at it in my opinion. I'm taking my Grade 4 very soon now.
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I don't bother doing grades because honestly I don't need a certificate to tell me how ****ing awesome I am.

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I do grades for classical guitar, and I do think they're helpful, but I never really caught taught to play stuff in general, it's only ever exam pieces and scales and stuff, I still quite like that though. Plus you can tell people how good you are

But I have a guitar exam tomorrow, I hate them