Hey, I'm still trying to understand how MIDI interfaces work and all that technical stuff. If I was to plug a MIDI cable into a MIDI controller on the floor, then into a rack effect processor, and from that into another rack processor, and from that into a 4 loop box (where my pedals would be plugged into) and then from that back into the MIDI controller on the floor, would the controller be able to communicate with each rack effect individually with the parameters I had set up in each rack effect? (GSP1101 and maybe a TC Electronic G-Major into an Axess Electronics FX1 MIDI Controller) Help me out guys, thanks.
Ug... you got yourself a learning curve.

MIDI itself is not that complicated.... It's just musical notes talking to software and hardware on a data path. The actual communication protocol bandwith is small and it takes to USB well.

Implementation is another story. Good luck.

After you would have programed the chanels in the midi device, when you step on one of the switches and it will send a signal to the device which will tell it which loops to activate and what chanels to switch to.
MIDI programming doesnt have to be complicated at all

What are you thinking of using for an interface "brain" and foot controller? If this is for a rig, let me suggest the GCX with a GC Pro from Voodoo Lab.....straight forward and they have sample set ups on their site.
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