Hey guys,

I got the Epiphone Les Paul Junior 1957 Reissue(Limited Edition)
Now i really want to know if I should replace the P-100 to an original Gibson dogeared P-90. Do I get a better sound when i have the P-90?? I want the same crunchy sound as i got now with the P-100 out of my amp??? Or isn't the P-90 so aggressive..
I want that Rock n Roll sound. A bit more gain so I get a punk sound...

You really wouldnt notice much of a difference, it would be more of your amp settings.
I use a Coxx CG-65R. It's a great transitor amp, but you can get very hard tones out of it...probably you don't know Coxx^^
Amp, tube most likely
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amp, and also, I'm pretty sure a stacked P-100 is wound hotter anyway then a original P-90. Vintage P90's output are about 9.3k at the bridge. The P-100 is probably around 13 or 14 k at the bridge. That's just a guess.Literally any pickup or guitar could be used for punk.
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I know that i need a new amp xD
But i havent got any budget for a new amp...
Which one would you suggest??
orange amps are great.

how much power do you need?

playing live or just bedroom?
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I will use it to play live!
So far, I always got an amp from the clubs we played...
We'll play in front of 200 people, so it should be a louder one
What do you play mostly?

You know, a Peavey Classic 30 shhould handle that without any problems and they go for about $200 used...
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