Okay, so the last Chevelle thread was posted just after This Type of Thinking was relaesed (circa 2005), so i decided to post a whole new thread. To start, I think Pete Loeffler has one of the best voices in his genre, and I have every one of their albums from Wonder What's Next to Vena Sera (I like Vena Sera the best) (Point #1 just didn't seem good to me). This band kicks ass and I wish more of my friends listened to them. My Chevelle favs are: The Red, Humanoid, Well Enough Alone, Get Some, The Clincher, I Get It, Closure, Send The Pain Below, Family System, and Vitamin R (just to name a few).

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yeah I love chevelle, starting with "point 1"(it is a good CD fag) and every CD they made just keep't geting better and better, I can't wait for their next CD to come out!
Yea I should've said more about Point#1. It had great guitar, but Pete's vocals weren't quite as refined as the 2nd album (which is probably why I didn't like it as much). Oh well, maybe the more I listen to it, the more I'll get used to it . But hell yeah, they really do get better with every album. I'm really psyched for the new album