Already got a 6 string one but im after a 7 now, had my 6 for 2 years and its worked like a beaut never had any problems at all with it apart from one of the knobs has gone wobbly. Just wondering if the 2008 models are different from the previous hellraisers, i know the obvious difference since its a 7-string (emg 707's) etc.

One on ebay for £300, thinking of purchasing, hardly used apparently.
wise move?
Quote by SynySter SlaSh
i think the new hellraisers have coil tapable emg's

That is really the only difference. That, and I think the hardware color has changed from black to chrome on some models.
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Yeah i heard about them having coil tap, i imagine i wont really use it alot to be fair. If i dont get this im getting the 7-string with Duncan blackouts !