Hey UG. Alright. So I'm starting a band with friends and (with my persuasion) is really liking the idea of playing some of The Strokes songs.

I'll be playing Room On Fire stuff. (12:51, Reptilia, What Ever Happened?) So the tone from that album.

My amp right now is a crappy epiphoen starter amp. I need a new one. Parents are all for it since I started a band, so they offered to chip in $300. I have $300 on top of that.

So, what amps should I be looking for for a real Strokes tone? I'm completly for pedals by the way. (right now I have a Boss DS-1 Distortion, Build Your Own Clone Tremelo, and a Dunlop Wah)

Thanks guys. I just need some recommendations, I have a Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and Best Buy close by me so I can go there to try them out.
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I think a VoxAC15 would get you some similar sounds, but I'm not sure how well it'll hold up with the band. You definitely won't have any cleans, that's for sure.
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^true, the AC15's as close as a VOX ac30 sound your ganna get.
Unless, what area do you live in?
Maybe the Vox AC50 combo, its cheaper than the AC30, closer to its sound than the AC15, and can probly be had on ebay for hella cheap, plus youd be able to get some cleans out of it at giging and jamming volumes.
I'd prefere new, but used is an option. Lol, I do agree I won't be using cleans very often, but it would be nice to have on different songs.
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Well actually i just googled up that band and i bealive they use Fender HRD's not Vox ac30's.

In that case, just go to craigslist and type in Fender Hot Rod, and your set they should go for 400-500 bills.

With the money you save buying used buy an overdrive pedal or upgrade the speakers.
Yes, Nick uses a HRD. Just looked that up too on Wiki. Even tells you what pedals he uses. I'll have to mess around with that combo.
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Buy a used Fender Hot Rod Deluxe and a Visual Sound Jeckll and Hyde pedal which is their exact live rig. f you cant afford both used, then buy a good loud enough clean amp and buy the Jeckll and Hyde, which is the base of their tone.
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I'd prefere new, but used is an option. Lol, I do agree I won't be using cleans very often, but it would be nice to have on different songs.
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Huh? If you don't want an amp with a good clean, why are you asking for an amp that can do a Strokes tone?

At any rate, the guys who say they use Fender HRDs are right. But any tube fender will get you that tone.
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they use Fender Hot Rods; the Deluxe models I believe. Your DS-1 should be good enough for now until you can get a higher quality pedal. I think they use a visual sound Jekyll and Hyde OD/Distortion pedal or a Fulltone, not sure.
Nah bro. They use Fender Hot Rod Devilles. With a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde overdrive/distortion. I have a Hot Rod Deville but that alone will not give you "Strokes tone." The real power of their tone comes from Nick's P94 pickups. So try getting your hand on a pair of P94's (which are humbuckers). I don't know the price of those. A used Hot Rod Deville which will run you like $500 alone. Always buy amps used, buying new is a waste. A Jekyll and Hyde pedal runs for like $125.